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The easiest way to de-clutter your office space

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How could this happen? I do most of my work in my computer so you would say I wouldn't deal which much paper. Well, somehow I surrounded myself with piles of paper. My colleagues call it “the wall”. 

We all want to be that 21st century paperless professional. But let’s face it, printers still come too handy. In the age of communication, the cloud, and infinite memory devices, why do we print? You can find a plethora of reasons to print if you want to. But most of them are  based in our need to touch. It makes us feel safe to touch things. The main reason to keep documents is that we may need them. But let's be honest, we can do that without paper. It's, in fact, faster and more efficient to use documents while they are in digital form.

Being (almost) paper free does also spark joy. We know for a fact that a neater environment can have a tremendous effect on productivity. Having an organized working space is sort of healing. Sometimes, when you're feeling overwhelmed, it's crucial. I’m gonna show you it’s possible to de-clutter your office in a way that’s both easy and fast.

Sorting paper clutter

First thing you wanna do is to pile all your papers on top of your table. Be careful, the amount may be overwhelming. Get a cup of tea and start sorting.

What I like to do is a mix of Marie Kondo’s spark of joy method, and the decision tree from Getting Things Done. Two of my favorite lifestyle changers.
The point is you need to tackle every piece of paper giving it your full attention and decide what to do with it. Dispose of it, archive or digitalize. Everything goes unless it’s really necessary.
What to keep?
Most of papers can be sorted in two categories: things you need to get done and things you need to remember. I prefer todoist to keep all I need to do together and the notes app for things I need to remember. I have this apps in all my devices so I can actually use them.
Sometimes It can be hard to tell, follow these:
  • Of course there are some docs you may need to keep and archive even if you don’t plan to check on them. Those go straight to archive.
  • Is it already on your computer? Discard it right away since you can access the information anytime.
  • Keep nothing to check later, check them now you’re in the de-cluttering zone or take a picture of them.
  • If you kept something to read later, read it now. Odds are you discover you didn’t need to keep it after reading and it’ll be one paper less.
Take a moment to celebrate your run for efficiency. Think of all that time and mental space you’re acquiring through this process.

I write what works for me. Did it work for you too? Do you have any other tip to share? 

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