YouTube Guide - The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

I love this BBC series because it provides beauty for the eyes, information for the mind, and calm for the nerves. I am also an architecture enthusiast, so that might also be it.
The show guides us through a series of gems of contemporary architecture.

This detail of the beams is designed to pay tribute to the trees that were removed to build the house. They also provide stabilization in an earthquake prone area. 

The more you know about a topic, the more you enjoy it. Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin present the show. Piers is an award-winning architect, and Caroline is an actress. He walks us through techniques and design details of every house. Caroline's gusto is delightful, as she is an architecture and interiors' enthusiast.

Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin host the show.
Through their remarks and explanations, we can appreciate the preciousness of every building. Also, their energetic presence sets the tone for a relaxed afternoon. 
I have seen it in Netflix, but you can also find it on YouTube (listed below). I found you can even watch clips of each episode on the BBC website

  1. Extraordinary Homes - Mountain
  2. Extraordinary Homes - Forest
  3. Extraordinary Homes - Coast
  4. Extraordinary Homes - Underground
If it suits your mood, don't hesitate to watch it. I really enjoyed it :) 
Have you seen this BBC Series? What do you think?